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Meet The Chef

  • About me
    Born in Italy, I spent my childhood in Italy and France where my love for international cooking styles blossomed thanks to the meals prepared by my father and my insatiable thirst of knowledge.​ ​ I started my career in Paris at Le Fouquets, Laduree and Dalloyau where I reached the position of Head Chef.​ ​ I decided to enrich my culinary skills by moving to foreign countries, notably in Lebanon as a Consultant Head Chef, then to Belgium for the opening of a boutique hotel ‘Odette En Ville’. After many years in the kitchen, I chose to switch into education sharing my “savoir faire” with future chefs at Alain Ducasse Education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.​ In 2016, I joined Le Cordon Bleu to take up the challenge of opening the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, Lebanon.
  • Career Highlights
    HOTEL LE ROYAL, Luxembourg “Leading Hotels”, Executive Head Chef. HOTEL HOLIDAY INN, Reims Centre, France, Head Chef. ELOMAT CATERING, Chatillon, France, Head Chef ODETTE EN VILLE, Luxury Hotel/Restaurant , Brussels, Belgium, Head Chef. V.O, Restaurant Achrafieh, Beyrouth, Lebanon, Head Chef. LA TRUFFE NOIRE, Restaurant Neuilly. French – 1 macaron Michelin, Deputy Head Chef RIVER SERVICES CATERING​, Issy les Moulineaux, France, Head Chef DALLOYAU , Restaurant / Salon de thé, Paris, France, Head Chef. LADUREE, Restaurant/Salon de thé, Paris, Deputy Head Chef. PETRUS, Paris 17th, France, Deputy Head Chef HOTEL LATITUDES, Classical French type Cuisine, France, Chef de partie and Deputy Head Chef​ LE FOUQUET’S, Paris, France, 2nd commis de cuisine and Chef de partie
  • Consulting Experience
    SNC BUFO, France​, Consultant Chef The Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, Lebanon​, Hotel Teaching Chef Alain Ducasse Education, Training Center, France & Brazil. Head Chef Trainer Cat&Mouth, Catering, Lebanon, Head Chef Consultant Restaurant La Duchessa, Luxembourg​ Jury member in Middle East Top Chef
  • Collaborations
    Chef Philippe Gollino, Executive Chef, Alain Ducasse Training Center, France​ Chef Emil Minev, Culinary Arts Director of Le Cordon Bleu Institute of London​ Chef Christophe Vessaire, 2 macarons Michelin, Executive Chef au Burj on Bay / Le Cordon Bleu de 2017-2018 Jean-Sylvain Bombois, former Director Odette en Ville, Brussels, Belgium​ Chef Patrice Hardy, 1 macaron Michelin​ Chef Patrick Raingeard​, 1 macaron Michelin​, la Table de Patrick Raingeard, France, Chef Iskandar Abaji​ Chef Roland Cousin​ Chef Olivier Beaudeux​ Chef Xavier Aubrun​ Chef Patrick Moraine​ Chef Pierre Ducroux​
  • Testimonials
    Giles Stonehouse, Former Pre-opening Manager and Chief Operating Officer Societe,Restaurant « LeCordon Bleu », Lebanon : " Throughout the pre-opening and subsequent operation, he proved to be self-motivated and target driven whilst maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction." Jean Sylvain Bombois, Restaurant «Odette en Ville », Bruxelles, Belgium : " Roberto’s ability to adapt to a very restrictive concept of food imposed by the owner, has been unparalleled, as well as his execution of the menu which has been a true success. I have thoroughly enjoyed Roberto’s honesty and directness, which has enabled a very constructive dialogue leading to very creative ideas and quick fixes to issues. Roberto’s organization and management skills are also second to none, his fynamic suppliers relations and cost management has also enabled us to produce respectable margins for the level of food produced." Vanessa Sicoli, Restaurant « La Duchessa », Luxembour : "Roberto allowed our team to acquire robust skills. He carried out his mission with great rigor, dynamism, motivation and efficiency and was particularly appreciated by his colleagues and his management for his human qualities." Fayad bakro, student at Le Cordon Bleu: "I am very grateful for your hard work and enthusiasm in the kitchen. You were witnessing how much the learners love your way and their admiration for the cooking method and the skills that you were doing. I learned a lot from you about the culinary art and added a lot to my dictionary in Kitchen Life . A great way of dealing with all students and motivating them to love the kitchen and cooking"
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