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From creating menus, to prepping new recipes and monitoring food quality and hygiene standards, I offer advice to restaurants, food producers, caters, and other businesses in the culinary industry. ​

Un homme prépare une salade


  • Creating menu items, recipes and developing dishes ensuring variety and quality ​


  • Determining how food should be presented, and create decorative food displays
Chefs en action


  • Staff recruitment & management​

  • Controlling and directing the food preparation process​

  • Approving and polishing dishes before they reach the customer​

  • Determining food inventory needs, stocking and ordering​

  • Ensuring the kitchen meets all regulations including sanitary and food safety guidelines

Chef au travail


  • Staff training and support​

  • Creation of culinary program based and courses provided by demo & practical

Chef de cuisine


  • (Re)organization of a new kitchen​​

  • Monitoring equipment quality and order new equipment as needed​

  • Performing health and safety standards audit​

  • Controlling food costs​

  • Fine-tuning inventory procedures ​

  • Evaluating vendors

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